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PDR3D is a new generation digital reference tool pairing a full universe of more than 100,000 human drug labels — including branded and generic prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic drugs/herbal medicines, and more — with advanced search capabilities. PDR3D helps users quickly and easily find the information they need for label development, regulatory, legal, and marketing purposes. PDR3D is the reference product of choice for leading companies, including pharmaceutical firms, legal practices and government agencies.

PDR3D is a product of PDR Network, LLC in collaboration with Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.

PDR Network, LLC
PDR Network, LLC. is the leading distributor of drug labeling information — including the Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR®), the most highly trusted and commonly used drug information reference available in the U.S. — to benefit healthcare providers and their patients. For more information on PDR Network products and services, please visit www.PDRNetwork.com.

Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.
Reed Tech, a LexisNexis® company, provides a broad range of digital content management services and Intellectual Property services for corporations, law firms and government clients. Reed Tech provides fully-validated, high quality Structured Product Labeling (SPL) and related content management services for pharma manufacturers. GUDID (Global Unique Device Identifier Database) creation and submission services are offered for medical device manufacturers to meet the new Unique Device Identification (UDI) guidelines required by the FDA. In addition, Reed Tech provides downstream manufacturing and marketing publishing composition services directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers' SPL XMLs. Reed Tech is the market leader providing in-depth subject matter expertise for SPL services. For further information, visit www.reedtech.com.


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